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Connections Southwest

Airport Taxis and Airport Transfers from Plymouth, Devon

We are a family run airport taxis and airport transfers business based in Plymouth, we are boosted by extra drivers, helping others around us and the local community of where we can.

We really have a passion for airport taxis and airport transfers work and this is why I run and own one of Plymouth’s premier taxi company, that do not only offer airport taxi transfers but also offer a specialised and secure courier service to anywhere in the UK.

Like any reputable long distance taxi business, it takes time to build up a positive long-term and trusted reputation. In the early years I worked for Tower Cabs, Taxi Fast (Taxi First) and Hire a Cab. The natural progression was to form an airport transfers, seaport and taxis business of my own, so this is what I did and have never looked back! Not only that but we offer long distance airport taxis to anywhere in the UK and Europe. We can also cater for a lot of luggage, mobility scooters and disabled customers for airport transfers in Plymouth and throughout the UK.

In the early days Connections South West got a few bookings and we mixed it with normal taxi work. After a year or so I decided to quit taxi work and concentrate on helping customers get from A to B, whether its commercial or domestic clients.

In the year 2000 we increased our advertising budget for the Pirate FM Radio Station. The first year was a bit iffy. I persevered and joined up with another airport transfers company called Door Airport Door in 2008. They are also a Plymouth based Airport Transfer / Taxi Company.

I went into partnership with the owner and formed a PLC called Door Airport Door PLC. Unfortunately the partnership was doomed from the first day as both I and the other owner had very different ideas about how to move forward and grow the business. We went our separate ways in 2010

Connections South West has an office located at HQ Business Park, 237 Union Street in Suite 23. The Taxi Operators License number is: 19.

Taxi insurance is held with Jenkinsons of Rotherham. Public Liability and Employers Insurance is also registered with Jenkinsons of Rotherham.

In the nearly 20 years that we have been involved in the airport taxis industry, Connections South West has never missed a flight or connections for outbound flights / ferries / ships or trains, which when you look at the amount we have experienced over the last 5 years is nothing short of a miracle.